Advantages of Utilizing Heat Pump Water Heaters in the Home

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Today Water Heater Repair Smyrna GA wishes to examine making use of a heat pump as a different option to an electric water heater. Well known thought has long been that heat pump water heaters are generally not incredibly energy efficient at heating water, however new research is challenging this thought.Water Heater Repair Smyrna GA

As stated by Sarah Widder, of the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, “Heat pump water heaters can use up to 63 percent less energy than traditional electric water heaters. When water heating makes up about 18 percent of U.S. residential energy use, heat pump water heaters offer a real opportunity for energy savings.” (read more…)

The research concludes that the manner that heat pump water heaters are hooked up to the air ducting can help in reducing overall energy consumption of the dwelling, demonstrating that these types of heat pumps could possibly not have as much impact on the total cooling and heating of the household, as has long been believed.

The analysis, that was executed in the summer and winter of 2013, established 2 identical real world test conditions. The principal distinction was with one heat pump not utilizing ducting, and the other utilizing 2 different ducting approaches. The summary ended up being that the test case with the entirely ducted heat pump water heater would lower yearly power usage by 4.2 %.

The investigators also came to the conclusion that even more evaluating needs to be performed to experiment with additional tactics too and to better examine the home cooling aspects of a heat pump.

Heat pumps are crafted to possess high efficiency and be less expensive to operate compared to continuously heating water in a storage tank water heater. Presently, heat pump water heaters are just about 1 % of new water heater product sales in the U. S.. They can be more expensive than standard water heaters to install but through the running expenses will be able to off set that in the long term. Here is what the Department of Energy has to say.

Where the heat pump can be found in the household has quite a lot regarding the quantity of efficiency one can get from it, reported by

If you have any thoughts on this technology and want to check out if it may possibly be a decent match for your Smyrna property, contact us! We are always here to give thoughts on our water heater repairs and installations!